Future Accredited Activities

If you wish to gain CME credits by attending EBAP-accredited live events, by e-learning or by reading CME articles, the following pages will provide you with a list of the upcoming EBAP-accredited events and EBAP-accredited articles.

ERS Lung Science Conference 2024:

ERS Lung Science Conference 2024: "Development of chronic lung diseases from life-spanning mechanisms to preventive therapy"

  • Date of activity: 14 March, 2024
  • Provider: ERS
  • Venue: Estoril, Portugal
  • The ERS Lung Science Conference (LSC) is a showcase for cutting-edge research and its translation into clinical solutions. Its originality and success are based on facilitating dialogue between young scientists and established investigators. The programme is made of presentations by experts, oral presentation based on abstracts and poster sessions.