Mark Of Excellence

Mark Of Excellence

What is a Mark of Excellence?

It is a quality stamp which aims to distinguish ordinary from extra-ordinary learning activities.

What is the criteria to obtain Mark of Excellence?

-        Needs assessment Provider is required to perform a robust needs assessment to clearly identify learning gap(s) which will be covered by proposed learning activity.

-        Learning approach - use of multi-learning approaches is considered as important criteria in obtaining the Mark of Excellence.

-        Outcome measurement - providers should focus on determining improvement of learners performance and stimulate further interest in personal development.

What are the benefits for providers and participants?

From the perspective of providers, they should benefit from the following aspects:

-        Get a recognition for developing high quality learning activities,

-        Become choice number one by physicians,

-        Differentiate yourself from other providers,

-        No extra cost involved to obtain Mark of Excellence,

-        Contribute in improvement of patients outcomes and communities.

From the perspective of physicians, we consider the following benefits:

-        More quality driven learning activities,

-        Learners engagement in the learning activities,

-        More CME credits obtain per participation.

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