E-learning Accreditation

EBAP accredits e-learning, including in particular, but not exclusively, HTML-based courses, webcasts and live online conferences. Modules of HTML courses and conference webcasts should incorporate questions relating to the previous section which must be answered correctly before the programme continues.

Webcasts, talks (60 minutes) = 1 CME credit
HTML-based (3500-4500 words excl. references) = 1 CME credit
Accreditation Criteria

A programme of 30 - 40 minutes should contain 4 - 5 multiple choice questions. Comments should be provided after each question is answered indicating if it is correct or why it is not. Supporting references should be added when appropriate. Similarly learners who use educational CD-Roms should be tested with 4 - 5 questions relating to each 30 minute section. The answers can be transmitted online to the providers. Learners must not be able to go back to the question to correct the answer.

For distance learning, credits are awarded on the basis of 1 credit per hour of study but are dependent on satisfactory answers to the questions. EBAP considers that 75% of the questions must be answered correctly to qualify for credits. A failed test may not be repeated until after a minimum of 1 week's waiting period.

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Standard EBAP templates

In order to help, EBAP has designed several standard templates (evaluation form, conflict of interest disclosure form, etc.). These documents are at your disposal to use and can be downloaded from the Document Library page of this website.