Accreditation request

EBAP only accredits activities pertinent to respiratory medicine, including paediatric respiratory medicine (PRM). EBAP does not accredit event organisers or publishers. Each CME activity must be assessed and accredited individually.

  • Live Educational Events (LEE)

    A cooperation agreement has been signed with the UEMS/EACCME. Under the terms of this agreement, all Live Educational Events (LEE) applications in the field of Respiratory Medicine are evaluated by EBAP.

  • E-learning

    By e-learning, we mean activities that can be accessed online, such as web-based courses, webcasts, video presentations, online simulations and live online conferences destined to an international audience.

  • Printed Material (articles, books)

    Printed material such as articles and books related to respiratory medicine can be accredited by EBAP.

  • Training Centres

    This voluntary accreditation process is open to all Adult European Training Centres composed of either a single participating training centre or alternatively of a number of training sites.

  • Other CME Activities

    EBAP also recognises apps, assessments, MCQ writing and workshops as well as reviewing duties as potential CME activities, provided they are found to be of clear educational value.