14 February 2019

Statement of Support

Declaration of support for the article published in the European Respiratory journal (ERJ): “The European Respiratory Society: ensuring excellence through education best practice “.

The EBAP President Prof Paolo Palange, together with the EBAP Council, are proud to hereby declare a support for the article published in the European Respiratory journal (ERJ): “The European Respiratory Society: ensuring excellence through education best practice “. 

The ERJ publishes clinical and experimental work relating to all aspects of adult and paediatric respiratory medicine, including cell biology, epidemiology, immunology, oncology, pathophysiology, imaging, occupational medicine, intensive care, sleep medicine and thoracic surgery. In addition to original research material, the ERJ also publishes editorial commentaries, reviews, short research letters and correspondence to the editor.

We support this article at this important time because we share a common understanding with the ERS that there needs to be a distinct differentiation made between product training and information, and recommendations for health professionals making important decisions about patient wellbeing in clinical practice. 

In this minefield of educational offerings, the European Respiratory Society (ERS) is committed to maintaining its position as an independent source of education, a platform for knowledge sharing and networking, a leader in respiratory research, and a stepping stone for early career professionals. Where support from industry is received, the ERS does not accept support from only a single provider.