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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Training Centre accreditation?

  • Why Training Centres opt for accreditation?
    • To receive quality recognition;
    • To add a value to the program and operation;
    • To become more attractive for future trainees and scientists;
    • To evaluate the appropriateness of the training program within the scope of the European standards;
    • To exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • Is there any pre-requisite to apply?

Yes, the Training Centre applying must be accredited from their local or national accrediting body.

  • How do I apply?

The Statement of Interest form has to be filled in by Training Programme Director and sent to

Download the Statement of Interest form here.

  • How long it takes to obtain the accreditation?

It all depends from the pace training centre decides to take. EBAP office staff is available to support the process.

  • How much does it cost to have the centre accredited?

The overall fee of the full accreditation process is 4000 + travel costs related to the site visit (to cover travel costs for the review team).

  • How long the accreditation is valid?

The accreditation is valid for 5 years, and can be renewed.